Lion Dance for

The CMS Lion Dance Team performs traditional lion dance performances for all weddings across Melbourne.

CMS Lion Dance Team combines a fun, thrilling and cultural performance to bring luck and prosperity to the new bridge and groom.

Book a Wedding Lion Dance!

CMS’s wedding lion dance routine follows traditional customs for Chinese weddings. CMS can organise a regular lion dance or a surprise lion dance for any wedding event or occasion.

The lion dance routine can be tailored for any schedule and time.

A CMS Lion Dance performance for weddings will include:

  • All equipment and gear transported to your venue
  • A full team including music ensemble
  • Entering the reception hall/wedding venue (either announced by the MC or a surprise entrance)
  • Crowd entertainment and crowd work
  • Traditional Chinese Lion Dance ceremony including ritual bows to the couple, parents and VIPs
  • The Chinese Lions eating the Cheng for good luck
  • Lions presenting traditional wedding scrolls to the couple
  • Optional: Chinese firecrackers. Availability depends on permits and suitability of the venue)
  • Option for multiple lions. Two is recommended to represent the bride and groom, but up to 6 are available
  • Optional Big Headed Buddha (Dai Tou Fut 大头娃娃) 

Chinese Masonic Society Lion Dance Team (CMSLion)
7-9 Waratah Pl
Melbourne VIC 3000

Melbourne’s oldest and most established lion dancing team available for wedding and event performances.