Chinese Masonic Society

The Chinese Masonic Society has a colourful history dating back to the Victorian Gold Rush Era.

The ethos of the original members continues with the current generation of CMS Lion Dancers. Contact CMS Lion today for bookings or to join the team, and be part of the long history of lion dancing in Melbourne.


The Chinese Masonic Society was originally founded during the peak of the Victorian Gold Rush, under the name Yixinghui (义兴会). It was established as a fraternal group for the many Chinese immigrants, providing them with support, safety, brotherhood and also aid in looking for work.



The Society changed its name to Zhigongtang (致公堂)


Chinese Masonic Society

The Society adopted the name, Chinese Masonic Society, which it has kept to this day.


Lion Dance comes to Melbourne

The Lion Dance Team performed its first lion dance performance during celebrations in Melbourne after the Second World War. Since then, Chinese Masonic Society Lion Dance Team has been  an active part in Chinese New Year celebrations in Melbourne's Chinatown. 


Jow Gar / Hung Kuen Era

Under the instruction of Sifu Deng Chi Tang, the CMS Lion Dance team evolved its Fut San lion dance style further with the influence of Sifu's Hung Kuen/Jow Gar heritage. This unique style is still performed today by the CMS Lion Dance Team.


Chinese Masonic Society Lion Dance Team (CMSLion)
7-9 Waratah Pl
Melbourne VIC 3000

Melbourne’s oldest and most established lion dancing team available for wedding and event performances.