The Chinese Masonic Society

The CMS Lion Dance Team comprises of volunteers from all walks of life. Our members range from primary school students and office workers to multi generational families.

Each dedicated member takes time out of their lives to partake in and share the art of Lion Dancing. It is an integral part of the Melbourne Chinese community history, and we are all passionate about keeping the tradition alive.

CMS Lion Dance team believes in providing a team environment like that of a family. Loyalty is an integral part of our team. Members can rely on one another, and you can be sure that you will make some life-long friends.

Want to be part of Melbourne’s oldest and experience lion dance team? Everyone is welcome at CMS Lion, regardless of age, gender, nationality or ability! All that is needed is a willingness to learn, be part of a supportive team and respect for the culture and art.

CMS Lion Dance 2019

The 2019 CMS Lion Dance Team

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“CMS is like family away from home. I came to learn about lion dance, but I’ve also learned a lot about life and friendship along the way.”

Emily Z
CMS Team Member

Chinese Masonic Society Lion Dance Team (CMSLion)
7-9 Waratah Pl
Melbourne VIC 3000

Melbourne’s oldest and most established lion dancing team available for wedding and event performances.