About the CMS

The CMS Lion Dance team has been performing Chinese Lion Dancing in Melbourne since the 1940s, making it the oldest and longest-running lion dance team in Melbourne. Read more about the CMS Lion Dance history here

People of all walks of life, from young & old, genders and different nationalities all volunteer their time to practice and perform the traditional lion dance.

The CMS Lion Dance follows a traditional Fut San (佛山) lion dance, with a foundation and heritage of Jow Gar(周家) kung-fu.

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“CMS is like family away from home. I came to learn about lion dance, but I’ve also learned a lot about life and friendship along the way.”

Emily Z
CMS Team Member

Chinese Masonic Society Lion Dance Team (CMSLion)
7-9 Waratah Pl
Melbourne VIC 3000

Melbourne’s oldest and most established lion dancing team available for wedding and event performances.